Tuesday, 12 December 2017

STOP - Do not Open that Present!!

Today Mrs Todd brought in a present for us too write about. We used different genres to write our story such as scary,sad,weird and funny. I chose Scary.

My eye caught the present wrapped in Santa wrapping with a dusty red ribbon on the coffee table. Thoughts in my head told me to open it and not too open it, I couldn't wait no more. As I slowly walked up too it I felt the tip of the present, It was a unpleasant feeling gooey vain feelings controlled my body and the squishyness made my lungs collapse. They felt like a severed arm but from who? As i experimented the present I saw a reasonable sized hole big enough to fit two ants. I took a peak out of curiosity to find that colour's spurted out. I had the urge to open it but a girl keeps her words. Minutes later my teeth was chattering not too open it but the temptation was real. I opened it to find that huge spooky eyes popped out, I spotted a daisy pink note, on the note it said " Happy April Fools!"

By Queenie

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