Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Great Room 1 Bake Off

Today was the day for our bake off.  A lot of learning led up to this event.
Last week we surveyed the class to find out how many different colours of vegetables we ate and graphed the results.  The students then carried out research to find cake recipes containing hidden veges.  Using this information, the students worked in groups to create recipes of their own.  Finally, we had the great Room 1 Bake Off.  The students make cakes, muffins and brownies containing carrot, pumpkin, kumara and beetroot.  We invited the school office staff to judge the baking based on taste and appearance.  The winning group, Group 2, created koala cupcakes (carrot cakes) under a broccoli tree.  Great presentation and they tasted great.

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