Sunday, 24 September 2017

Week 10

What an exciting weekend.  A general election and daylight saving started.  I hope everyone remembered to put their clocks forward.  If you are late on Monday, I will know you did not read this notice!

Please make sure you bring back your RE books on Monday.

On Thursday, all students took home a chart showing the times tables that they do not know.  Most students had just a few facts to learn.  Please take the time to help your child learn these.  Before the end of the year, everyone should know all their times tables.  There are many tips on the blog to help with this.

Some students do not have a new maths book.  At this stage of the year,  a simple 1E4 or similar will be sufficient.  Please make sure you buy any replacement stationery that you need during the holidays so that we are ready to go on day one next term.   Everyone will make a list on Monday of anything they need.

Notice from Mrs Cato:
Forms for parent input into 2018 class placements were issued the week before last to each student. Parents  - please note these forms need to be returned by Friday 29 September if you wish us to consider your input. The forms need to be returned to the big blue postal box in the student foyer. 

Thanks to those parents who have already returned the form for their child/ren.
If you have mislaid or not seen the form you can collect a copy from the School Office or go to this link  

Looking ahead - During the holidays it would be helpful if you could start thinking about some of the items we will need in Term 4.   I have discussed some of these with the class.  We will need small containers such as hummus or pesto containers. 
Everyone will need a cereal box (I have quite a few so if you do not have one, don't worry).  We also need 32 soft cones, a bit like the ones in the photo below.  If you see some during the holidays, please pick them up and bring in them in next term.

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