Wednesday, 23 August 2017

More about dumplings

The room 1 students have written explanations about the dumplings we made on Friday.  Go to your child's blog to see their writing.

How to make dumplings

Dumplings are a traditional Chinese food made with a special mix, water and dumpling dough. And are usually eaten on special occasions.  

Firstly wash your hands so your germs dont get on the dough. Then put the mix onto the dough (I suggest using a spoon for the mix) Then begin to fold the dough- Continue this until you have no mix left (If you have extra dough Save it you might need it if you want to make more).

After that heat the water up for 20 minutes then boil them for 15 after that you are ready to eat But be careful they are sticky and hot!

 There are many Different ways to fold a dumpling but the easiest way is to fold it into a semi circle.

By Amon

How to cook a delicious dumpling

A dumpling is a dish , that consists a variety of vegetables and meat and its covered by a thin pastry that
 can be made out of bread and flour.

First,the thin pastry is filled with the filling of vegetables and meat then folded together and firmly pressed in the edges.Water could be used to stick the edges together so the filling will not pour out.Then the dumpling is put aside and the process is repeated again to make more.

Secondly the dumplings are carefully put in the pot of boiling water, then its cooked and pulled out when the dumplings are swollen and tender

Dumplings are a very common type of food in the country China and it is called in the language mandarin Jiaozi

By Zoie

Making Dumplings

Making Dumplings

Dumplings are a Chinese food. Dumplings are just a mini fully closed wrap, only the filling is meat and vegetables mixed together.

First, you need to mix up some vegetables and meat of your choice to make a mince.

After this, you need to get some little dumpling wraps. you have to dip your finger in some water, and rub it around the outside of the dumpling wrap so it can stick.

Next, you need to put some of your filling in your dumpling (not to much). Then, you need to stick one side of the dumpling to the other side, and use your fingers to push the part of the wrap onto the other side so it can stick.
Now, you can heat up some water for 20 minutes, then you can put your dumplings in for 15 minutes.

Fun Fact: Dumplings can be folded in many different ways.
By Daniel

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