Sunday, 18 June 2017

Week 8

Week 8
It is the shortest day on Wednesday.  If you are not sure what that is, look it up and find out.

Reminder - The Young Vinnies are collecting good used clothing and non perishable food. Every item is worth a house point and the room with the most house points gets their own mufti day.

Our Term 2 Project
All the students in Room 1 seem to be pretty clear about what we are doing BUT some of the parents are not!!  Oh dear.

Here is an outline of what we are doing next week.
All students are going to create a MODEL or PLAN for something based on sustainability – either a renewable energy source or a system to clean the oceans.  (Some students have other projects that they have discussed with me).
Step 1. Decide what you are going to make your project about and write it in your project booklet.
Step 2.  Make more notes in your project booklet – the pages are set out to help you.
Step 3.  Bring in things from home to make your model out of.  If you do not have anything AT ALL you will be able to use paper or cardboard. 
Step 4.  Make your model.
Step 5.  Write about it!

Step 6.  Be ready to tell everyone all about it at our open afternoon/evening in Week 9.

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