Sunday, 21 May 2017

Week 4

Week 4

Lots of messages - read carefully please.

Please remember to bring in an empty, washed tin can for art this week.

Last week we saved all our food wrapping and collected a full plastic shopping bag of unrecyclable wrappers. 
This week, we are having Nude Food week - that means we will be trying to use reusable wrappers or containers for our food.  It is not hard to try and make a difference.  Let's see how much less rubbish we will have this week.

We will be attending the Pentecost Mass at church on Friday morning.  All welcome to join us.

We have our Cross Country event on Friday afternoon.  A notice was sent out about this last week - a copy of the notice is below.  Parents - if you are able to help with transport or marshalling, please let the office or myself know.  There will be no sausage sizzle this week.

Annual Inter-House School Cross Country.
Our annual Inter-House school cross country will be held on the afternoon of Friday 26nd May 2017 in the Redwoods Forest. This event is for Yr 3-6 students.

Children need to be assembled in house groups at our school ‘HQ’ near the Redwoods Visitor Centre, Long Mile Road by 12:50pm ready for a briefing.  The first race will be at 1:00pm with the event finishing by 2:30pm.

Children come to school in full uniform and change into PE gear for the afternoon’s events.  For the event children will need:
•           Running shoes
•           Polar  fleece jacket /school jersey
•           A drink bottle, lunch / snacks
•           Raincoat
•           Spare set of clothes
•           Any medication required

To make this a successful & enjoyable event for everyone we require parental assistance both with regards to transport and marshalling on the day.

We will need the following help at various times on the day from parents:
12:30pm Transporting children from school to the Redwoods Visitor Centre
1pm – 2:20pm Marshalling in the forest on the day
2:30pm Transporting those children who catch a bus or require after school care back to school

All other children to be collected by their parents by 2:30pm from the Redwoods.

If you’re available to help with transport we’d really appreciate it.  
If your child catches a bus, attends after school care or you can help with marshalling please indicate this to the school office by Thursday 18th May.

Event outline:
1:00pm 7 & 8 yr old Girls                                 1.10pm 7 & 8 yr old Boys
1:20pm 9 year old Girls                                    1:30pm 9 Year old Boys
1.40 pm 10 year old Girls                                 1.50pm 10 year old Boys
2.00pm 11 year old Girls                                  2.05pm 11 year old Boys
Thanking you in anticipation for your help and support to make this a successful day.

Maths, Technology, Persuasive Writing, Health
I have shared a doc with all students but here is the information again.  You MUST be prepared to make your product on Wednesday.  I will only be supplying the basic ingredients.

On Wednesday we will be working on a combined Health, Sustainability, Maths, Persuasive Writing and Technology project.  In groups, Room 1 students will design and create a healthy lunchbox snack.  After making the snack, we will be inviting a small group of consumers to ‘blind test’ the product.  They will give feedback on the snack AND on the packaging.
Snack Bar
Below is the basic recipe.  You will need to add 50-75g of extra ingredients to make your bar unique.  Remember - this needs to be a healthy snack. Could you change the ingredients below to make the bar more interesting or healthier?  Think about what you could take out or put in.

Look at other cereal bar recipes for ideas and to work out how to cook your bars.  Think about how many bars this will make.  You will need to consider this when designing your packaging.  Your final package must contain 4-6 snacks.

100g butter

75g sugar

1 egg

75g flour

125g rolled oats.

Once you have decided what to add to your bars, you will need to make them.  You can have a trial run at home, but your final product will need to be made at school.  

I hope everyone is making good progress with learning to tell the time. If you have mastered that skill, remember to continue with learning your times tables.  I heard from a parent last week that there are still quite a few students starting at JPC who do not know their times tables!  Don't be one of those people. 
More tips for parents -
Explain how the commutative property makes everything easier. Show your child that each answer repeats, so, technically, they only have to learn half of the chart (score!). 3x7 is the same as 7x3. When they've learned the fact families of 0, 1, 2, and 3, they already know 4 numbers each of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
After your child has mastered 0-3, move onto 4-7, and then 8-10. If you want to go above and beyond, work with 11 and 12, too.
Praise your child. Don't forget to pause and have fun between serious repetitions of the facts. If you're happy with their success, they'll be more likely to want to be successful. Show them how awesome they're doing with verbal recognition.
If they're going slower than you think they should, relax. Negativity may make them shut down. A bad mood can kill any learning ability. Encourage them to press on.

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